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PPE Germany

Premium FFP2 Mask Dodo - Carton of 440 masks in a box of 20, single packs

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That Model Dodo is the PPE Germany premium mask.

Our FFP2 mask impresses with a filter performance of more than 98% and ensures extremely comfortable wearing thanks to its low breathing resistance. The flat design enables space-saving storage of the product. Due to the shape of the front, the form stability of the mask is increased, while the elastic ear loops allow an effortless adjustment to the face and head. The particularly powerful filter layer guarantees protection against harmful substances such as dust, smoke and aerosols. Perfect for use in work, leisure and against coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. In addition, the Dodo is also certified for occupational safety! The mask is made of high-quality material and is manufactured in Germany to ensure the highest quality standards. Tested and approved with the CE mark according to EN 149:2001+A1:2009, our mask production guarantees maximum safety Made in Germany! The Dodo mask model is category II personal protective equipment (PPE) and complies with the applicable regulation (EU) 2016/425.

Further information about products from PPE Germany can be found in the respective data sheets.


Product features of the FFP2 respirator Dodo

  • Protection class FFP2: protection against harmful substances such as solid and liquid dust, smoke and aerosols
  • Certification: Tested and CE certified according to the EU CE 2233 standard
  • The masks are category II personal protective equipment (PPE) and meet applicable requirements.
  • 4-layer structure with a protective spunbonded outer layer, special inner layers with meltblown and a particularly skin-friendly inner layer
  • Elastic ear straps for maximum comfort
  • Flexible, bendable wire nose clip for a good fit
  • Hygiene items - non-returnable

The Dodo FFP2 respirator masks offer a significantly higher degree of filtering than community masks or the classic surgical masks, which only protect when aerosols are emitted. The FFP2 mask, on the other hand, serves both the wearer and those around him (self-protection and that of others). It is therefore the ideal protection, especially in public transport such as buses, trains or planes.


Scope of delivery of the FFP2 respirator Dodo

  • Individually hygienically packed in a poly bag
  • 20 Masken pro Box
  • 22 boxes in a carton (total 440 masks)
  • Shipped from Germany
  • Hygiene items - non-returnable

We produce the mask in Germany, from high-quality material and ensuring the highest quality requirements.

  • Filter material with excellent filter performance - a genuine "Made in Germany" product.
  • Inner fleece particularly kind to the skin.
  • Produced, checked and packed in Germany.

When buying FFP2 masks, pay attention to the markings printed on our masks:

  • Make and model number: PPE Germany, model DODO
  • Certification body with a four-digit number: CE 2233 seal of approval
  • Disclosure of Usability: NR - single use only
  • Usability note: D - suitable for occupational safety
  • Please note the information on the packaging and data sheet

440 masks packed in boxes of 20 (22 boxes) individually packed in a food safe bag.

Unit price 67 cents net.