PPE Germany produces in Berlin

Anstieg Produktionskapazität Pfeil

40 million FFP2 masks production capacity per month

OEM Produktion Europa

OEM production for many well-known brands in Europe

Zero km Philosophie

Zero km philosophy Delivery reliability and environmental protection through proximity to the customer

PPE Germany GmbH is your German mask producer.

PPE Germany is one of the largest European mask producers for high quality FFP2 masks. Since our production start in December 2020 our machines and employees:inside do not stand still to ensure the supply of the population with protective equipment. We take responsibility and have the clear goal of making a significant contribution to a better and healthier future.
Due to our many years of experience, massive investments and consistent automation, we are able to offer our customers quality "Made in Germany" at prices on an international level.


Quality products "Made in Germany

PPE Germany is one of the largest manufacturers of FFPx masks in Germany and in Europe with a production capacity of more than 40 million FFP2 masks. In addition to its own brands such as Karla and Dodo, PPE produces as an OEM from Berlin for customers worldwide who use the superior quality of PPE Germany and the "Made in Germany" seal for their own products. Thanks to automation, products can also be produced in Germany at world market prices. For us it is a matter of course to carefully comply with and exceed all applicable quality standards.


Health protection

We protect health. As a leading manufacturer of high-quality FFPx masks from Germany, we take responsibility and make a significant contribution to a better and healthier future.


Specialist team for FFP2 masks

We know how to develop, manufacture and approve high-quality FFP2 masks because we are specialists in the fields of production, automation, nonwoven textiles and product design.


Healthcare, pharmacies, industry, crafts, trade, private, government, education, etc.

People in almost every industry rely on PPE Germany products to protect their own health and the health of others with FFP masks. Our list of prestigious customers from all industries is growing every day.


Personal care

We like short distances and are easy to reach for our customers. Our team understands how to reliably and individually respond to customer wishes and implement them in an uncomplicated way.

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Entrepreneurial due diligence

We are in compliance with the Supply Chain Act. Therefore, we are committed to avoiding human rights and environmental rights violations in global value chains. All key production materials are domestically sourced and quality assured accordingly. To this end, we take responsibility along all supply chains and check each of our suppliers for any compliance risks. In addition, PPE Germany is also an audited company according to SMETA standards.

Certified quality management

We are an ISO 9001 certified company. This means that quality management has been checked and certified by external, independent and accredited certification bodies in a detailed audit. For our customers, ISO 9001 certification means that they can rely on maximum safety with the highest quality.

ISO 9001 Zertifikat