Cooperation partner BetterSafe

Today we would like to introduce one of our special cooperation partners: BetterSafe GmbH. This company was founded by siblings Aaron and Marvin Steinberg. They have committed themselves to becoming active in the crisis for the crisis and to standing up for the common good.

They are similar to our company in many ways. They are also concerned with end-user protection as well as a price-performance ratio that provides the best quality for the end-user. While PPE Germany works under the best conditions, with the most up-to-date machines and materials, to produce very high-quality products at reasonable prices, BetterSafe and the brothers Aaron and Marvin Steinberg place a high value on this as well. These go so far as to openly disclose their profit margins.

This was a very special step at a time when there was a great shortage of important medical protective items, where many other companies tried to make as much profit as possible through high margins during the crisis.

PPE Germany & BetterSafe

PPE Germany has been in close contact with BetterSafe for nearly a year, supplying them with various types of masks as well as the necessary tests. The latter refers to so-called Lepu tests, which are designed for personal use only. This is necessary so that the general public can independently determine whether they have been infected with the Covid-19 virus. In an era when hospitals and comparable medical facilities are overburdened by the additional burden, such Lepu tests, which can be performed without medical training, have grown in popularity. BetterSafe obtained corona tests from PPE Germany, which was one of the first points of contact.

Marvin and Aaron Steinberg, brothers, have received high praise for BetterSafe's short delivery time, as well as transparent, low margins for broad coverage.

BetterSafe was one of the first companies to begin constructing a reliable network during the crisis, which began in early March 2020. Dialogue with many manufacturers was sought through joint contacts and the establishment of new connections.

Of course, the quality of all products had to be carefully scrutinized. Of course, it was critical to BetterSafe that only perfect products that can ensure safe protection for end-users are circulated through them in order to provide important and needed assistance.

Shared Values

Of course, we are pleased that we qualified immediately due to our quality standards and the resulting high-quality products and that we still support BetterSafe as a strong partner today.

In order to be able to carry out a reliable and comprehensive examination of all potential cooperation partners, Aaron and Marvin Steinberg turned to expert organizations and institutions. Because this is the only way to ensure that only high-quality products are circulated via BetterSafe in a demanding time in an unrelentingly demanding market.

Accordingly, BetterSafe has checked all certificates, examined the material closely and had products tested by DEKRA and comparable bodies in a precisely defined, standardized process. This ensured that all products for the end user corresponded to the protective standards.

A close collaboration

By equipping BetterSafe GmbH with a variety of high-quality, personal protective equipment (PPE) for the end-user, we are of course pleased that we were able to make a contribution with our products.

Through a large number of fundraising campaigns, such as the mayor in Mainz with 10,000 protective masks, the fire brigade in Mülheim, and other efforts in the Federal Republic, Marvin Steinberg was nominated for the Federal Cross of Merit to honor the strong commitment. We would of course like to take this opportunity to thank both Marvin and Aaron Steinberg for their social and entrepreneurial commitment, which is undoubtedly outstanding.

The close cooperation with BetterSafe was important to us right from the start. We aim to continue this cooperation to the same extent in the future.

Who exactly is behind BetterSafe?

The siblings Marvin and Aaron Steinberg's individual backgrounds are the reason for their exceptional cooperation. Aaron Steinberg, a curative education nurse, has firsthand knowledge of the effects of a lack of critical PPE for people in need of care and medical personnel. Together with his brother Marvin and his professional career as a businessman, they want to contribute to a better and safer world in which everyone has access to the protection they require to live. They want to make a difference in the fight against exorbitant prices and questionable quality providers, creating high-quality protection for people in Germany and beyond.

In the meantime, BetterSafe is not only active on the domestic market but also helps to supply the increasing demand for high-quality, medical PPE with quality products worldwide. Thanks to the great reliability of BetterSafe and the strict quality requirements, new sales partners are constantly being won, both at the international government level and in the private sector. For Aaron and Marvin Steinberg, paying close attention to a sustainable, appreciative and reliable network is just as important as social projects for a better and safer future.