Our new certification: DIN ISO 9001:2015

We are constantly striving to improve all of our processes. To do this, we follow a variety of stringently planned approaches based on seven principles of our well-thought-out quality management. In the following, we not only present our new certification but also give an insight into our structured quality guidelines.

From the very beginning, we have always focused on the safety of all our products and the protection that comes with using them. It is because of the standards we set for ourselves that we have always strived to exceed - and go beyond - general standards to create much better products for our end customers. Such an endeavor is only possible through our close collaboration with science and the use of state-of-the-art equipment and materials.

Today we would like to present one of the certifications we have obtained. This is DIN ISO 9001:2015, a standard that regulates quality management systems in the company. Before we go into the exact application in our company, we would like to show why this standard is so important and which principles have been established. This should help to make our company even more transparent.

Importance of DIN ISO 9001:2015

This quality management standard is not only a national term but also an internationally known guideline. It is primarily concerned with improving the company's performance at absolutely all levels. This includes our entire locations, including the organization and processes, our entire products, our services as well as the official requirements for our medical products to an all-encompassing extent.

This means in principle:

  • All our essential processes are finely tuned to each other

  • Every single one of our employees has the right training or has been heavily trained and knows exactly when to do what and how at what time. At the same time, of course, we provide all the necessary resources for the flawless completion of high-quality work.

  • Any mistakes can be precisely identified and completely eliminated in advance.

  • Detailed instructions are available on how any minor imperfections can be completely and cleanly corrected as well as completely prevented in the future.

All this was of course checked by an external, independent & accredited certification body in a detailed audit before we received the full certificate.

The seven principles of our quality management

In order for our company to be awarded such a DIN standard, not only must precise requirements be met, but this strategic approach must be lived by the company's management itself and noticeably realized in the company's regular operations.

This particular ISO 9001:2015 standard is based on seven principles in quality management that define certain guidelines for all management actions. Systematic application is of course also practiced in our company on a daily basis according to well-thought-out and mature processes. In the following, we list the seven principles of in-house quality management:

  • Fact-based decision-making

  • Leadership

  • Relationship management

  • Customer orientation

  • Process-oriented approach

  • Involvement of people

  • Improvement

1. Fact-based decision-making

For us, the precise analysis of data, measurements and information forms the basis for taking precise action. At the same time, we measure and analyze any cause-and-effect relationships in order to fully understand all possible processes and developments and to enable the appropriate behavior for a safe, fast and as simple as possible implementation.

2. Leadership

We attach great importance to our trained managers, who monitor our operations at all levels with regard to current requirements and already set the course today for future market requirements, in order to be able to guarantee an early orientation under the best possible conditions. Such prudent behavior is, of course, only possible because we have created an environment within our company in which all our employees are sacrificially committed to important company goals and maintain and promote this environment to the best of their ability.

3. Relationship management

In addition to the internal environment, we naturally also maintain open personal, considerate and value-adding contact with all our stakeholders externally. The basis of cooperation with our research collaborations as well as our highly specialized & reliable expert network of established service providers, partners and suppliers naturally consists of both a trusting basis and an open & communicative relationship, which is also reflected in writing in our long-term contracts.

4. Customer orientation

As a manufacturer of protective clothing for private as well as medical purposes, we are of course aware of the high responsibility of manufacturing exceptionally qualitative & first-class products by using only high-quality materials. Therefore, our main focus in manufacturing is of course not only to meet the high expectations of our valued customers, but to continue to exceed them. We want to make a significant contribution to a better and healthier future under the most modern quality standards at the best possible value for money for all people. We believe that every human being has the chance for a better and healthier future and we want to actively support this through the latest scientific findings and manufacturing by state-of-the-art machines in our production.

5. Process-oriented approach

In our company, too, all resources are clearly interrelated. Of course, our outstanding quality management can only achieve such strong results because all processes have been solidly planned by us, cleanly documented, defined in the principles and can be viewed transparently internally. Through new machines, further performance-enhancing procedures and the supplementation or continuous improvement of processes, it is also possible, for example, to integrate the latest machines or further specialize personnel in ongoing operations while at the same time achieving higher output at the accustomed quality according to our high standards.

6. Involvement of people

Our most valuable asset is our people. While we work relentlessly on ourselves internally through further certifications, we are nevertheless happy about short distances and personal contact. Not only internally and within our network, but also with our clients. By fulfilling the multitude of individual customer wishes, we know how to respond reliably and uncomplicatedly to any requirements in a personal support and to implement them quickly.

7. Improvements

Continuously improving the overall performance of individual products as well as the performance of the company as a whole, taking into account all the wishes and needs of our stakeholders, are values that we live by every day and that are deeply rooted in our own hearts. For example, while we are able to continuously offer customers further customization options (with production of exactly the same quality) in a personal contact, we are also improving in terms of technology. Our production takes place on the latest generation of machines that not only meet all the basic requirements for medical use, but go one step further. For example, we use a Palas PMFT 1000 for the exact analysis of filter mask efficiency for respirators. This device monitors our ongoing production and ensures the highest possible quality of filter performance or the monitoring of our test bench for the best possible quality of each individual product.

Our DIN ISO 9001:2015 certification in the future

Of course, such a certification can not be achieved only once and kept forever afterward. We are glad that such a certification is never awarded lightly. There are annual surveillance audits for this quality management standard alone, after two years there is recertification by an independent body.  This is very important to ensure that every audited company really does meet all the required specifications of the DIN standard.